Copper-infused leather insoles


  • Copper-infused leather insoles improve blood circulation in the biologically active points of the feet, providing positive effects on conditions such as osteoporosis, early bone growth, joint diseases, men’s prostate issues, women’s pelvic diseases, and more. Additionally, copper insoles may potentially provide relief from leg muscle pain.
  • It is important to use copper products properly and take individual body characteristics into consideration. Copper is a therapeutic material and may exhibit symptoms of aging. Wearing copper insoles regularly can help the body acclimate and adjust to their effects.


Reminder: Insoles may change color due to foot diseases or discoloration of socks. However, they can be restored to their original appearance by polishing with various types of metal polishes.

Instructions: Take the inner sole of the shoe and use it instead, with the copper part facing up in contact with the foot.

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